Friday, August 01, 2014

James Herriot's favorite dog stories [sound recording]

James Herriot’s compilation of short stories on audio focuses on what Glasgow veterinary college authorities in the 1930s considered the least important animal, the dog. After his training, Herriot, who loved dogs and wanted to be a dog doctor, got a job with a large-animal practice. His partner preferred to attend to the horses, so the village dogs and cats became Herriot's (Dr. Alfred Wight) domain.

Tricki Woo, a spoiled Pekinese takes center stage in James Herriot's Favorite Dog Stories. The audio includes three stories about the little dog and its owner, the wealthy Mrs. Pumphrey. Herriot amuses us with tales of Tricki Woo, who according to Mrs. Pumphrey, contacts Doggie World magazine in search of a pen pal, places winning wagers on the local horse races and occasionally goes cracker dog. Cracker dog is the term Mrs. Pumphrey uses to describe her pet’s frantic behavior of running in circles until he collapses from an excess of sweets.

In this recording, reader and actor Christopher Timothy capitalizes on different voices to bring the pet owners to life. His high pitched tone for Mrs. Pumphrey accentuates her character. Check it out, sit back and listen—imagine you're in the heather covered hills of Yorkshire, England on a misty afternoon !

For an expanded selection of dog stories by the famous country vet, read James Herriot's Dog Stories. The book contains fifty short anecdotes about the four-legged creatures and their owners with an introduction about Herriot's passion for dogs.

If you like stories read aloud, join us at Pausing to Read, an Adult Story Time on August 18 at the Central Library. Our readers will entertain you with a few of their favorite stories about dogs. Bring your lunch to enjoy while you listen!

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