Friday, July 04, 2014

No Safety in Numbers by Dayna Lorentz

           Teens Shay, Marco, Lexi and Ryan, quarantined in a shopping mall when a biological bomb goes off in an air duct, learn that in an emergency people change, and not always for the better, as many become sick and supplies run low.

            First things first, since I have become an adult, I will tell you, I don’t NORMALLY read teen fiction but my teenaged daughter suggested that I read it and that I may like it.  ME, trying to be a good parent saw an opportunity to have something to talk about with her, so I read the book.  And I actually ENJOYED it. It was fast-paced, something I like in the books I read.  It was suspenseful.  Can you imagine being quarantined in a   mall, it might be cool at first especially for a teenager but then it can be scary or boring or you just want to go home?  It was compelling.  The two words together, biological bomb already had my attention.  I can understand WHY this book made the 2013 YALSA list for Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers.

            This book is Dayna Lorentz’s debut novel and also part of a trilogy.  The second book is titled No Easy Way Out, which I have read also and it is just as fascinating as the first one.  The third book is titled No Dawn without Darkness (released this year), which I am anxiously awaiting to arrive on our shelves.  All titles are available at Virginia Beach Public Libraries. 

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