Monday, July 07, 2014

I Got Two Dogs

by John Lithgow, Illustrated by Robert Neubecker
Includes song on CD sung by the author.


Children can sing, clap, and laugh while reading about two dogs that give lots of love and companionship to their owner. 
“Fanny and Blue
Bet you kind of wish
you had two dogs too!”
John Lithgow has created a story and song (includes CD) about his own family dogs.  It is fun and easy for readers and listeners alike.  Told with repeating phrases and rhyming words I Got Two Dogs encourages children to learn the words quickly and join right in.  Children will especially love imitating these lovable mutts as they howl at the end of each verse.
…they’re loyal and trueooOOooOOoooo!”


Robert Neubecker’s whimsical pictures illustrate ordinary dogs doing ordinary dog things with plenty of enthusiasm and joy.  Children will watch as Fanny and Blue get into trouble chasing squirrels, shaking mud all over, and greeting their owner at the end of the day – all without missing a beat! 

Read it, or follow along with the recorded song, on the included CD, over and over again!

If you love this book, with its combination of rhymes and rhythm, you’ll also want to try one of Jan Peck’s books, Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea, Way Far Away on a Wild Safari or Way up High in a Tall Green Tree.


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