Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Birders [videorecording] : The Central Park Effect

Birders: the Central Park effect, a documentary film directed by Jeffrey Kimball, focuses on the wide variety of migratory birds inhabiting Central Park and the pleasures of bird-watching. Spring, summer, autumn and winter, bird-watchers or 'birders', congregate with binoculars looking up through the trees, hoping to get a glimpse of nature’s treasures. Kimball describes his first excursion into Central Park, “it was as though I stepped through a portal into a wild world in my own backyard.”

And his backyard is the landing ground for over 200 species of birds. For four years he wandered through the park filming birds and interviewing birders. This DVD comes with a little booklet containing a Birding Log and pictures of over 100 of the birds seen in Central Park, much more than just pigeons and swallows.

A few years ago I won a birdfeeder and seed in a raffle. I placed the feeder outside my window and watched the birds every morning. A cardinal was a frequent visitor. One of the birders in the film commented to his friends, " Do you ever get tired of looking at a cardinal?"  My answer is, no!

Marie Winn, author of Red-tails in love : a wildlife drama in Central Park points out in the film how migrant birds fly over Manhattan just looking for a patch of green. If you would like to learn more about the red-tailed hawks in Central Park, check out Red-tails in love at the Virginia Beach Public Library. Or, if you would like to attract birds to your own backyard check out Best-ever backyard birding tips : hundreds of easy ways to attract the birds you love to watch.


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