Friday, July 11, 2014

Billy & Milly: Short & Silly

by Eve B. Feldman

Billy & Milly: Short & Silly by Eve B. Feldman is an amusing and sometimes surprising collection of thirteen short stories chronicling the wacky adventures of friends Milly and Billy. Each story is made up of just three to four words and is woven together with rhyming words and coordinating, textured backgrounds.

This is a true picture book in that the whimsical illustrations tell the story just as much or more than the words.  The Pack/Whack/Crack/Snack saga shows Billy stuffing a piƱata, Milly hitting and breaking it, and both children devouring the tasty treats that have fallen to the floor.  

Billy & Milly: Short & Silly is a perfect book for building early literacy skills in children. In addition to practicing their rhyming skills, children will also learn new vocabulary words in a playful way. Parents can also help their children build oral language and critical thinking skills by talking together about the many silly details in the pictures and guessing what will happen next!

If you like Billy & Milly: Short & Silly, you might want to check out the board book series “A Busy Book” (Busy Barnyard, Busy Pandas, etc.) by John Schindel. Sparse, rhyming text with rich action words (lifting, sniffing, clinging, and singing) makes this series a lot of fun too!


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