Thursday, July 10, 2014

Beetle Bop

by Denise Fleming

Beetle Bop by Denise Fleming gives you and your child a fun, close-up view of beetles drawn in bright, colorful illustrations.  On every page, meet beetles of all shapes and colors, doing lots of cool beetle things.  Beetles are chewing, sawing, buzzing, humming, glowing, and flashing!  Beetles are crawling up walls and hiding in cracks!  We see striped beetles and spotted beetles. 

I especially like how Denise Fleming uses the text in the story to help illustrate the meaning of words.  While most of the text is printed in an easy-to-read black font, children can figure out what the descriptive words might mean just by looking at them.  The word "Big" is much bigger than the rest of the words on the page, while "small" is printed in a much smaller font.  My favorite is the word "glowing" which is printed in bright yellow with glowing edges.  That beetle is a lightening bug of course!

This attention to printed words helps us teach children the meanings of these rich vocabulary words.  The more words that children know, the better readers they become!
If you like Beetle Bop, you might want to check out the many other books by Denise Fleming.  My favorites are Underground and In a Small, Small Pond.   Each is another fabulous example of her award winning work and art.


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