Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Bark George

by Jules Feiffer  



Children enjoy reading books about animals and they love making animal sounds. This is what makes Bark George a great read aloud book. It is a funny story about a dog that has lost his bark.

 Children and adults are amused as George tries to bark, but the wrong animal sounds keep coming out. Everyone wants George to find his bark again, so they get excited when his Mom steps in to help. She decides it is time to take him to see the vet. They know that George will find the help he needs because the vet is a doctor who takes special care of animals. Children are amazed as the vet discovers just why George is unable to bark.

 The best part of this book is the offbeat ending. The children are left to ponder the endless possibilities as to what happened or better yet, what could happen next?

 This is a great book to help children practice their narrative skills. Just ask them to tell you what animal sounds George made before his mom took him to the vet. It is a fast-paced, but memorable story so you might be surprised at how much they can remember even after only reading it once.

 If you like Bark George, you will also enjoy The Little Rabbit Who Liked to Say Moo by Jonathan Allen.

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Anonymous said...

Cannot wait to read it.

Sounds like fun.