Monday, June 30, 2014

Library Lion by Michelle Knudson

If you love libraries, as well as animals, then Library Lion is a must read picture book for children as well as for adults. What started off as a normal day at the library quickly changed when a lion walked through the doors and altered the lives, and the thinking, of the staff and patrons. Miss Merriweather, the head librarian, is a stickler for rules. She makes it clear that the lion can stay as long he follows the rules, including no running and no roaring. The lion begins to visit the library every day to help around…..he uses his tail to dust the encyclopedia, licks envelopes for the overdue notices, lets small children stand on his back to reach the high shelves, and makes himself a comfy backrest for children during story time. But, When Miss Merriweather falls and breaks her arm, and no one is around but the lion, he must make a decision that may cost him his friendship with Miss Merriweather and ban him from the library he’s grown to love.

The moral lesson behind the story is what made me fall in love with this book. The story is wonderfully crafted and the perfect book to teach children when to, and most importantly, when it’s ok not to follow the rules. The illustrations also definitely drew me in. The softly drawn pictures and the accurate facial expressions on the characters capture the feeling of the story so well.

If you enjoy these types of picture books that feature libraries and animals in the plot, you also may want to try Wild About Books by Judy Sierra. 

(The reviews this week are coming from members of the Virginia Beach Public Library's Reader's Advisory Team.  This one is courtesy of Harlisa.   Enjoy!)

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