Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King

This book is entirely unlike anything else I've ever read by Stephen King (and I've read quite a bit of his work). When you think of Stephen King, you think of haunted cars, demon dogs, girls psychically terrorizing their prom, etc. But this is the story of King Roland, his two sons, and his trusted adviser Flagg, who should probably not be as trusted as he is, and the struggle to secure the throne.

It has a narrow scope, dealing only with a handful of characters and nothing takes place outside the castle walls. If you're interested in Game of Thrones but don't have the attention span for such a long story or so many complex characters, this is a good place to start instead. The narration is casual and direct, which is an unusual style for King, and I think it works well with this story.

I first read this book in high school, and I don't think it was inappropriate, but it is shelved as adult fiction.

You might also enjoy Stephen King's Dark Tower series if you like this book.

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