Monday, June 02, 2014

Bicycling Magazine

Bicycling magazine is really the only cycling magazine out there that covers the entire range of cycling interests from road cycling to mountain biking and cycling for fitness. (Though they do cover recreational cycling occasionally, it really isn't a focus.) Each issue offers articles on cycling travel, new bikes and gear available for purchase, fitness tips to help you be more efficient in your cycling habits, and stories on interests that tend to coincide with an interest in cycling. (Like the best pubs in areas popular for touring cyclists.) 

The magazine does tend to focus on the "serious" road cyclist, i.e. those of us who tend to put on the spandex and clip shoes rather than the cyclist who is commuting to work or taking strolls around the neighborhood in our t-shirts and jeans. Past featured articles have included subjects like "Leaner, Faster, Stronger: A Simple Plan to Get Fit and Lose Weight," refreshing ways to liven up a too-familiar route, and "Detroit's Thriving Two-Wheeled Culture."

Regular features include fitness, training, and nutrition tips, City Guide which offers articles on cities that are bike friendly or working hard towards becoming more bike friendly, (please someone take me to Portland to ride), and Road Rights which provides short articles on the legal rights of cyclists on the road. 

So...where can you take a look at this Bicycling Magazine? Well, many of our library locations have paper copies of the magazine, but it's also available for free download from the library. Want to learn more about the free, downloadable magazines available through the library? Head to the library website and click on the link that will tell you all about free magazines, books, and music available free from the library. 

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