Thursday, June 05, 2014

Archie:the Married Life

Who recommends reading Archie comics? They're dated, they're goofy, and they're old-fashioned, right? Well, not this series. Archie: the Married Life written by Michael Uslan and Paul Kupperberg tells the story of two different destinies for our hero. In one life Archie marries Betty and becomes a teacher and in the other Archie marries Veronica and gets involved with the Lodge family business. This is all possible when Archie takes a stroll down Memory Lane, and, in one time, chooses to take the path to the left and in the other takes the path to the right.

I'm not quite sure what originally drew me into picking up one of the Archie: the Married Life comics, but once I'd read one, I knew I had to go back and fill in the gaps. Though the characters are all drawn very true to the original Archie comics, these stories all deal with some very modern themes. There's the introduction of Kevin Keller, an openly gay friend who serves in the military and has an interracial relationship. Other minor characters from older comics come back and are dealing with serious subjects: cancer, divorce, and general life drama. There's also some fun pokes at modern "reality," because in one life Betty and Reggie are the subjects of a reality tv show.

All the favorite characters are there: Archie, Betty, Veronica, Reggie, Jughead, Midge, Myrtle, and Moose, but they all have sides to them that you've never seen before. You'll want to start reading this series now in Volume One, and you just might get hooked into staying to see that Archie is leading down a path that leads to his ultimate destruction. Let's hope Josie and the Pussycats come to his rescue!

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