Thursday, May 22, 2014

Larry Crowne [videorecording]

It’s not every day I see a famous actor at the table across from me when I’m eating breakfast. A year or  so ago at Village Inn restaurant in Virginia Beach, I heard a familiar sounding voice. An ordinary looking guy, sporting a beard and wearing shorts and a baseball cap, was eating and talking at a nearby table.

“The man sitting across from us sounds just like Tom Hanks, “ I said to my husband.

He looked, then stared. “That is Tom Hanks!” he said.

The waiter hadn’t recognized the award winning actor, but  a large party being seated noticed him right away. They asked to take pictures with their cell phones and Hanks made some silly faces for the group.

In Larry Crowne, Hanks plays an ordinary guy who gets fired from what he thought was a stable blue collar job. That's nothing to laugh about. But rather than give up, Larry signs up—for Public Speaking 101 and Economics at the local community college.

You may recognize Star Trek's George Takei as Larry's economics teacher. Julia Roberts is Mercedes Tainot, the disillusioned professor teaching Larry's public speaking class. In one scene, Larry jumps for joy outside her door after a goodnight kiss. Viewers see him, just as she does, through the peephole of her door, grinning and prancing about. His silliness is magnified!

Joining a scooter entourage is one step Larry takes in modifying his lifestyle. He downsizes and it works. His life gets better! This movie is fun. Every time you think something bad is going to happen, something good happens. Even though Larry is middle-aged, this is a coming of age story.

If you want to see Hanks in the movie he filmed in Hampton Roads, check out  Captain Phillips.
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