Friday, May 02, 2014

A Snicker of Magic by Natalie Lloyd

A Snicker of Magic

Felicity Pickle has never really had a place she could call home.  Her mother was cursed with a wandering heart, so she is constantly searching for the next great adventure, dragging Felicity and her younger sister along for the ride. That is until the Pickle family settles in Midnight Gulch, Tennessee to live with their aunt Cleo.  For the first time ever Felicity has hope. Perhaps she can finally unpack the suitcase containing her most prized possessions.  Midnight Gulch, her mother's hometown, has a unique history.  Felicity has heard many fanciful tales illustrating the exciting magic and the gifted, eccentric families that once resided here.  Although there is far less magic here now, Felicity is still enchanted with her new home.  And she's positive there's a snicker or two of magic hidden somewhere.  

Felicity is a "word collector."  Where most of us just see the sky, animals, buildings and people, Felicity sees words shooting and darting about, hovering just long enough for her to collect them in her special notebook.  She is surprised to see one word in particular lingering over Jonah, a word she has never seen before.  "Friend." Just when she starts to really feel at home, she starts noticing signs that her mother's wandering heart is ready to set out on yet another adventure.  Felicity loves her new home, so perhaps it's time she took matters into her own hands. With Jonah's help, Felicity sets out to break the curse laid in place many years ago by the Threadbare Brothers.  The curse that sucked the magic right out of Midnight Gulch and resigned her family to a lifetime of travel.  

A Snicker of Magic is a charming, heartfelt story celebrating the power of words.  Each word is carefully selected and a treat to devour, much like the ice cream pictured on the cover. Although the book is marketed towards elementary to middle school aged children, teens and older adults looking for a fun, summer read and a reminder on the innocence of childhood, should look no further.  

If you enjoy this book, you might also like Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy by Karen Foxlee and Under the Egg by Sheila Turnage.  

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