Friday, April 25, 2014

The Creeps by John Connolly

If you're a fan of the dry, slightly ironic and (in my opinion) hilarious writing styles of Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams, you might want to pick up John Connolly's The Creeps.  Well, actually, you should probably pick up a copy of The Gates, which is the first in Connolly's Samuel Johnson series.  But even if, like me, you start the series with book 3, you won't be lost for long.  Connolly kindly provides laugh-out -loud footnotes to illuminate the reader.

The Creeps continues the story of Samuel Johnson and his faithful dog, Boswell, who have defeated the powers of darkness a couple of times, saving the town of Biddlescombe (and the Multiverse) in the process.  Samuel's life has settled down somewhat - he's dating the girl of his dreams, his demon friends Nurd and Wormwood are settling in to their new life on earth (sort of), and things are generally looking up.

But evil is never defeated for long, and at the opening of a bizarre new toy shop, Samuel finds himself in the thick of it again.  With delinquent dwarves, evil elves (Christmas-style elves, not the Tolkien ones), and scientists trying to ineptly pass themselves off as candy salesmen, The Creeps  is a witty, inventive story that should delight fans of the offbeat, and most people who appreciate British comedy.

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