Wednesday, April 09, 2014

The Burning Air by Erin Kelly

The MacBride family has gathered at their country home in Devon to scatter the ashes of Lydia MacBride - beloved wife, mother, grandmother, and respected magistrate.  Nothing has been the same for the MacBrides since Lydia’s death from cancer.  Widower Rowan, headmaster at a prestigious school, has been drinking, daughter Sophie is struggling to hold her marriage together after the birth of a new baby, and grandson Jake is in trouble with the law.  

The only seemingly bright spot is for the youngest son, Felix, who finally has his first girlfriend.   Kerry is a quiet young woman who seems to be able to see past Felix’s disfigurements, which resulted from a vicious attack on him as a child. 

But when Kerry is left behind to care for baby Edie as the family enjoys the Bonfire Night celebrations, everything goes wrong.  It seems that someone thinks Lydia wasn’t the paragon everyone thought she was. Someone hates the MacBrides and has set in motion a plan to destroy them. 

This atmospheric and evocative tale of secrets, obsession and unintended consequences will keep you turning pages to a very satisfying conclusion.

The Burning Air is available in print and as an audiobook.  For another psychological thriller featuring family secrets, try Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn.

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