Friday, April 11, 2014

Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson

Steelheart is a unique take on the superhero genre.  Ten years ago, something called Calamity exploded in the sky, bestowing amazing powers to some of the Earth's population.  These people are known as Epics.  Their super powers vary from strength and speed, to controlling the elements and much more.  But they all have one thing in common: no morals.

They are not heroes, but power hungry and tyrannical rulers who see normal people as slaves.  No one will fight them...except for an elusive group known as the Reckoners, a band of average humans who target and assassinate Epics.

Years ago, Steelheart, the invulnerable ruler of Chicago, killed David's father.  Ever since that day, David's wanted vengeance.  So when he gets word that the Reckoners are in town, David seeks them out.  Somehow he as to convince them to target Steelheart himself, one of the strongest known Epics.  It's a hard sell, but David has a secret, one that he's kept since the day his father died.

David has seen Steelheart bleed.

This book is classic Brandon Sanderson, filled with creative plot twists, plenty of action and playful wit.  It has just the right amount of brooding without taking itself too seriously.  Teens and adults alike will enjoy this new take on super powered beings.

If you enjoy this book, check out Sanderson's other teen fiction, The Rithmatist.  If you like his style but want something a little more complex and epic (ha) in scale, The Stormlight Archive series is a great choice.

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