Thursday, March 06, 2014

Home Baked Comfort, by Kim Laidlaw

Spring is here! Not at all noticeable by the snow and ice still littering the ground, however. Chill breezes and winter weather have one reaching out for the nearest possible comfort in the form of food. While I normally don’t comfort by carb, I could hardly resist Williams-Sonoma’s latest offering in the form of Home Baked Comfort: Featuring Mouthwatering Recipes and Tales of the Sweet Life with Favorites from Bakers Across the Country, by Kim Laidlaw.

Laidlaw has put together an amazing cookbook. Never have so many bakeable options been so gorgeously arrayed in sinful masterpiece. Her book is peppered with profiles of willing bakeries across the country. Despite the fact that most baked goods in cookbooks are considered sweet and sugary, Laidlaw includes savory treats like pretzels, quiches, potpies, and cheesy herb turnovers.

Are these easy recipes? Not exactly. Williams-Sonoma assumes you have a general understanding of baking as well as a plethora of patience. Read each recipe carefully. Many include extra prep time, or a secondary recipe (such as cake and icing). Happily, Laidlaw is available to walk you through step by step.

Need more comfort food ideas? Check out Saveur : the new comfort food : home cooking from around the world for more tips and ideas. Or try Southern Living comfort food : a delicious trip down memory lane, to revisit the classics.

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