Monday, March 17, 2014

Cat Vs Human by Yasmine Surovec


This comic posted by Yasmine Surovec for Christmas takes on significance now that we have adopted our first cat, Rascal, thus joining the legions of cat lovers.

My interest in things cat-related has spiked up tremendously to include:        
-Increased conversations (and gushing) related to Rascal and cats in general
-Increased attention to cat-related humor, videos, and memes
-Increased notice of cat-themed merchandise
-Increased urges to take pictures of Rascal (plus sharing those with everyone)
-Increased  Facebook updates including Rascal
-Dressing Rascal up in costumes (plenty of picture-taking, too)
-Actually taking Rascal to see Santa
    With my newborn interest in all things cat-related, Surovec’s Cat Versus Human comics immediately became a must-read.  She makes hilariously astute observations about cat ownership (or, rather, how a cat owns its people).

    The “cat lady” stereotype is completely embraced and gets a makeover beyond the lady in the bathrobe and bad hair into something cat owners can relate to better and-- scary thought-- see themselves acting similarly.  She fleshes out the stereotype with the little (and sometimes not so little) things and quirks that makes living with cats interesting.

    Even non-cat owners will enjoy the humor.  Surovec’s comics have adorable cat illustrations, a delightfully expressive cat lady, and wonderful comic timing, poking fun at the little things, like cat litter, hairballs, shedding, feeding, and just what cat owners will go through to please their kitties.

    Look for Surovec’s Cat versus Human books in the VBPL Catalog, as well as additional comics on her blog.  For more cat-themed humor, try How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You comics by The Oatmeal and Meow: The Somewhat Comprehensive Book of Cat Names by Faye Passow for what not to name your cat.  For photos galore and a cuteness fix, look to 101 Cataclysms by Racheal McKenna.  Don’t forget the classic cat comic: Garfield by Jim Davis.

    And, of course, after talking about Rascal, here is a picture
    of the stray we adopted in 2013.


    Anonymous said...

    Awareness begets awareness. Like when you got your cat, you started to notice all things about cats.
    Its funny how we do that.

    Robin Frank said...

    Tracy did a great job reviewing these books. I thought they were hilarious. Thanks for the other recs and of course for the cute picture of Rascal. Robin