Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Winner's Curse by Marie Rutkowski

The land of the Herrani is a coastal paradise with beautiful architecture, abundant farming and the perfect setting for a prosperous civilization. The only problem for the Herrani people is that the Valorians have attacked and taken over their land, stolen their homes and resources and enslaved the people.

This fast paced first book in the new dystopian series "The Winner's Trilogy" introduces a world of unrest. The opulence taken for granted by the conquering Valorians is soon to be revoked and caught in the center of this power struggle for the ages is the doomed loved story of Kestrel, the Valorian General’s only daughter and Arin, her slave and future leader of the Herrani revolution.

If you are awaiting The One, the highly anticipated final installment in the Kiera Cass’s "The Selection" series and are looking for a new teen series with a strong female protagonist, social unrest and doomed love I highly recommend checking out The Winner’s Curse at VBPL today. 

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