Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Runner's World Cookbook Edited by Joanna Sayago Golub

The preface to the new The Runner's World Cookbook is titled "What it means to eat like a runner," with the first sentence declaring that "runners loved to eat." Having gotten into running a few years ago, I can attest that nothing is as satisfying as scarfing down a meal after a long run or a race. However, I loved to eat even before I took up running.

The benefit of running is that you can eat a bit more, without the added weight. Sometimes. All too often, when beginning a new exercise plan, running or otherwise, we fall into the trap of "Well, I've burned calories so now I can eat more." The beauty of cookbooks such as this one are that they tell us what is good for us and when to eat it - no matter how you plan to slim down (hopefully those New Year's Resolutions are going strong!)

Color-coded tabs at the top of each recipe indicate whether the snack, meal, or food item (smoothies and yummy desserts are also featured) is vegan/vegetarian, gluten free, or for pre- or post workout. Additionally the introduction to the book includes healthy tips from eating a rainbow of vegetable to which fats are the good ones.

Along with the colored tabs on the recipes, there is a brief synopsis of how the recipe landed in the book - all the recipes are provided by runners and athletes. Don't let this intimidate you! Whether you are just beginning a weight loss program or run marathons, there is something for everyone. It is all about the journey when it comes to being healthy, and everything in moderation right? But, if nothing else, be sure not to miss the two-page spread on "Pancake Batter and Topping Ideas." So tasty.

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