Thursday, February 13, 2014

Summer Wars

Kenji is a typical teenage eccentric boy.  He excels at math, but is not so good with girls.  Kenji spends most of his time in the online world of Oz (basically a mashup between Facebook and Second Life).  He and his friend Takashi are moderators for the online world of Oz.  One day the beautiful Natsuki asks Kenji for a favor – to pretend to be her fiancé at her great-grandmother’s birthday party.  While at Natsuki’s family home, Kenji receives a math problem over his phone, which he solves.  The next morning, the world is in chaos as Oz has been hacked and their prime suspect is Kenji.  Now with a rogue AI in charge of the government and utilities, Kenji and Natsuki’s family work together to make things right.

Summer Wars is an excellent commentary on how we use technology today.  With more and more services and information being kept online, it is easy to see how this information an be corrupted and its real world effects. This is also a story about a family and how old hurts can lead to horrible future consequences.  But, it also shows what wonderful things can happen when people put aside their differences and work together.  The animation in Summer Wars is absolutely breathtaking, with vivid colors and a blend of modern and traditional elements.  It is a treat for the eyes and for the soul.

You can find SummerWars directed by Mamoru Hosoda on the VBPL Catalog.  If you enjoyed Summer Wars, you may want to try Evangelion1.01 or Akira.

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