Friday, January 03, 2014

Play Piano in One Hour

The year is underway and I’m getting a jump on my resolutions (never mind that I haven’t made any specific ones).  I had planned on reading Moby Dick and reviewing it but since this is my final review of the week you can see how that went.  So instead I chose something small, and Play Piano in One Hour is just that.  Plenty of people resolve to learn a musical instrument at the beginning of the year and then by March the dusty clarinet mocks them from the hall closet.  Well, I have a keyboard and I knew a couple chords but I definitely had room for improvement.  This one hour DVD was quite helpful.  It was created before I was born but luckily pianos haven’t changed much even if fashion has.  The course slowly builds from one small instruction to the next and encourages you to pause and go back to practice until you are comfortable enough to move forward with it.  The instructor gives a bunch of helpful hints for novices and the package even includes a guide sheet to place above the keys.
If you are completely new to piano or just know “chopsticks” then you will get something from this DVD.  You’ll learn to play the melody and chords to three familiar pop tunes (I may or may not have skipped most of the piece from Cats).  You’ll learn the notes, how to make chords, and how to orient yourself with the keys.  For just being an hour long the pace is perfect and if you need a little more time you can always pause and keep practicing.  If you’re looking for a quick and easy resolution to check off your list then consider Play Piano in One Hour or any of the many, many musical instrument guides available from the library (including clarinet!).
For even more quick piano education, try Play Piano in a Flash! or pick up the kids' version or the DVD at your Virginia Beach Public Library.

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