Thursday, January 02, 2014

Everyone Sleeps by Marcellus Hall

A very wise man once said his new year's resolution was "to drink more and laugh more and sleep more and dream more."  New year's eve makes at least a couple of those easier and new year's morning hopefully helps with the other two.  But if you're the little pug in Everyone Sleeps you might need some help getting to sleep.

Everyone Sleeps begins at night as everyone is getting ready for bed.  Everyone except a little pug.  He watches everyone getting ready but he's not tired so he wonders if everyone is sleeping but him.  He heads outside and journeys far and wide to see how different animals sleep including horses standing in place and squirrels up in trees.  He even sees sheep sleeping in a field.  But how many?  You'll have to see for yourself.

Everyone Sleeps is the debut picture book by Marcellus Hall, another musician/writer.  Hall has been an illustrator for several years ranging from cartoons for The New Yorker to other picture books but this is the first time he's written the words to accompany his lovely drawings.  The prose is simple and rhyming and is mostly there as accompaniment to the rich illustrations.  Each page is colored in dark hues and shown from a different angle.  And the little pug is always somewhere in the picture, his wide eyes taking in the many scenes of slumbering animals.  So no matter what your alarm clock may have told you this morning, remember, everyone sleeps.  And everyone should.  Here's to a restful New Year for all.

For more of Marcellus Hall's illustrations you can try The Cow Loves Cookies written by Karma Wilson, at your Virginia Beach Public Library.

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