Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bicycle Times Magazine

There are four kinds of cyclists: people who like to take a ride around the block every once in awhile by themselves or with their kids, people who wear tight pants and are traveling down the road at break neck speeds, people who like to throw themselves down a mountain in the dirt, and people who enjoy running errands on their bikes or commuting to work. Bicycle Times Magazine is a great resource for cyclists who are serious cyclists, but not so serious that they need Lycra pants and shoes that clip into their pedals. What’s the most wonderful thing about Bicycle Times Magazine? You can download it free using the library’s free magazine downloadable site, Zinnio.

The most wonderful thing about the electronic version of the magazine is that is essentially the same as the print version. Some of the monthly features include “The Candy Store” which offers some reviews of equipment and tools that have been tested by riders and “Between the Lines,” a regular feature that gives practical riding advice for different riding situations. (Because you know you aren’t sure if you have the right of way at those intersections!)

Want to learn more about the free, downloadable magazines available through the library? Head to the library website and click on the link that will tell you all about free magazines, books, and music available free from the library. 

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