Monday, December 23, 2013

Bounce, Stretch and Wiggle by Doreen Cronin

Anyone who spends any time around toddlers knows that they rarely sit still. This can be a bit of a challenge when parents try to encourage early literacy by reading to them. Doreen Cronin’s three books, Bounce, Stretch and Wiggle solve this parenting problem by inviting children to move along with the story. My daughter adores playing along and looking at the colorful pictures of animals performing the movements. Like most children, she loves animals, and Scott Menchin's illustrations of a dog in various silly situations captivated her.
I also found reading these three books enjoyable. The rhymes are fun and flow well, and the humorous illustrations were fun to look at. While these books are loads of fun for families to read, they also help parents promote early literacy. The rhymes help children develop phonological awareness, and acting out the various moves will encourage print motivation. In other words, know that they are learning while you’re having a blast!

Search the VBPL Catalog for Bounce, Stretch, Wiggle and other picture books by Doreen Cronin. For the slightly older set, take a look at Giggle Giggle Quack and Click Clack Moo, also by Cronin. Another picture book that inspires movement is Dancing Feet! by Lindsey Craig.

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