Thursday, November 21, 2013

Great Balls Of Cheese by Michelle Buffardi

Party food! Gotta keep it social with tiny food on plates to keep the guests from dipping into the main food stuffs, and here's a new addition to our collection...Great Balls of Cheese by Michelle Buffardi. Call cheese balls retro, vintage, gross or atomic age, but in this slim paperback book, they gain a new respect and a festive party flare. If you aren't hostessing next week, and want to call on your inner Mad Men, then this is the dish for you to bring to the table. Cheese balls serve a purpose keeping the guests nibbling while allowing the cook to finish the giblet gravy. Plus, they are so retro and yummy. Add crackers, chips or pretzels and the party is getting started.

Michelle's ingredients are few and simple, and there isn't any nutrition values supplied, but anyone can master a cheese ball from the round version to the artful owl pictured, or maybe you'd like to try your hand at the herbed turkey with pretzels for feathers. The S.O.S. looks divine with  chopped dried beef, perfect for the holiday spread. Or maybe the boozy cherry log is more your style depending on which crackers you bring with it. Buffardi has divided cheese balls into two categories: savory or sweet, and has supplied up-close pictures to get us inspired. Fear not, there is a small introduction on how to best form cheese balls too, as this essential appetizer is experiencing a resurgence. You gotta love them, someone is dipping into them at the table! And this is such a fun little cookbook!

More party fare can be had in these titles: Tiny food party! : bite-size recipes for miniature meals by Teri Lyn Fisher; On a stick! by Matt Armendariz; Salty snacks : make your own chips, crisps, crackers, pretzels, dips, and other savory bites by Cynthia C. Nims, and Cooking with all things Trader Joe's cookbook  by Deana Gunn.  

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