Friday, November 22, 2013

Five-Star Flicks for the Foodie Fans

Turkey Day approaches and most of the prime Thanksgiving cookbooks are out, so Monday through Wednesday's reviews highlighted   legendary cooks whose cookbooks can still be plucked off our shelves. Thursday was fun with quirky cheese balls (if you can't cook, there's always an appetizer, cracker and a cocktail to whip up), and now it's Friday ...a focus on film and food. If books aren't tantalizing  enough to coax you into the kitchen....then a visual treat of flick might work, so here's a nod to the 5 Food Flicks For Foodies, as sometimes vegging on the couch can stir some cooks too. In no particular order, with short summaries...

Chocolat  (Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp) about  a woman who arrives at a repressed, strict French town with her young daughter to open up a chocolaterie business. The chocolate is center-stage but Depp is a lovely distraction, and the story unfolds nicely with each character development. A film to transport you into another time and place...France, chocolate, little shops,delightful characters, subplots, etc.

Toast  (Freddie Highmore and Helena Bonham Carter),  is based on the true life story of Nigel Slater, famed food critic and journalist. His early appreciation of fabulous food and cooking is met with resistance in a household where foodstuffs comes in tins. Enter Mrs. Potter in this English village of the  late 1960's...and the hunger games are on!  Not really...but the competition is fun to watch. What  the film  Billy Elliott did for dancing, Toast does for cooking/baking. Lemon meringue never looked more heavenly.

Babette's Feast  (Stephane Audran) a Denmark film based on an Isak Dinesen short story begins with Babette showing up begging for work on the doorstep of a patriarch and his two daughters. She slaves away for years doing chores until one day a mention of a feast allows Babette to transform lives with a buffet. Visually stunning and unforgettable, and once seen, well, one can not easily forget the last scenes.Transforming on many levels. Subtitled.

Julie & Julia  (Amy Adams and Meryl Streep) Julie  Powell, an aspiring writer who also loves to cook and  decides to write a blog about her endeavors. She then commits herself to cook the 534 recipes written by Julia Child in her cookbook in 365 days. Interwoven with Julia Child's life, played by Ms Streep, this film captures two women forged by a love of food and mastery. Excellent bio-pic and started a new level of interest in Child's cookbooks.

Ratatouille (Produced by Pixar and released by Walt Disney) Meet Remy, a rat living in Paris who aspires to be a chef.Will  befriending  a young kitchen worker help him reach his dream? Fun for all ages, catchy songs and enchanting enough to be nominated for five Oscars.

Other worthy candidates in DVD's  to whet your appetite:

Like Water for Chocolate; Soul Food; Tortilla Soup: Today's Special; Love's Kitchen; Soul Kitchen; The Trip and the television series, The Chef!


Anonymous said...

Very fun post...I had a new appreciation for and wanted to eat pie morning, noon and night after watching Waitress(2007) starring Keri Russell. Every ingredient in each pie had a purpose in telling the story, and the process of making each was an art.

Anonymous said...

While I liked the movie Toast, about British Chef Nigel Slater, the book by the same name was even better! It is in VBPL's system as well!