Wednesday, November 20, 2013

CookSmart : Perfect Recipes For Every Day by Pam Anderson

Long a fan of Pam Anderson, I thought I hit paydirt when I stumbled upon her cookbooks. Now, here was a woman who approached cooking as a science, taking all the guesswork, and experimenting with every nuance, ingredient and spending hours slaving over ONE recipe so someone like myself can whip up a batch of the perfect waffles! All a reader had to do was read and whip. Just so you know which Pam Anderson I'm referring to, Pam is former executive editor of Cooks Illustrated, has cooked for over 30 years, and has brown hair, and is currently running a blog with her two daughters ( featuring their cooking styles and yummy pictures.

Readers can immerse themselves in all the details of how she experimented with the perfect iced tea, or why a whole bag of  marshmallows couldn't save the sweet potatoes in one round,  and why her pot roast is heaven on the roof of your mouth...she slaves, she cooks, she writes, and gives her readers the perfect recipes. Although I haven't made every recipe in her books, and there aren't batches of them, the ones I have tried have been perfection themselves. Lacking photos, her books can appeal to novice cooks learning as well as to more accomplished cooks mystified in the hows and whys of cooking science.

Not a lot of recipes, not a lot of glossy photos, but the substance is worth it, and its those basic dishes one turns to anyway such as, green beans, pies, biscuits, ham, ribs, waffles, etc. In her book, Cooksmart: Perfect Recipes for Every Day,  one can aspire to slice the ultimate onion rings, stir that blue-ribbon chili, trim the holiday ham or discover a chocolate cake that's got it all. The possibilities are endless when playing in the kitchen!

 Too many cookbooks doesn't spoil any broth, so here is more of Pam that you can find on our shelves:   Perfect recipes for having people overHow to cook without a book : recipes and techniques every cook should know by heart; Perfect one-dish dinners : all you need for easy get-together, and  her newest cookbook... Cook without a book : meatless meals, recipes, and techniques for part-time and full-time vegetarians.

Don't forget local foodie/cook  and author, Patrick Evans-Hylton, will be speaking at the Kempsville Library today (Wednesday, November 20th)  at 10:30 till 11:30. 

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What a fantastic review! I feel compelled to head directly to to my public library and check it out. Thanks