Tuesday, October 08, 2013

the end by Anders Nilsen

Anders Nilsen’s autobiographic graphic novel is a snapshot of the overwhelming emotional turmoil of human loss, but deeper than that, it is a philosophical analysis of life itself.

I love when I read a line in a book and feel like the author has finally put into words an idea I have contemplated, but was unable to solidify. I read this graphic novel during my lunch break and returned to my office with shreds of napkin sticking out from between all of the pages, marking lines and thoughts I wanted to get down.

Though a dark subject that can at time feel uncomfortable (watching a total stranger grieve is not a social situation most of us willingly put ourselves into) I feel that the end is a worthwhile read for anyone who enjoys their biographical graphic novels with a healthy dose of philosophy and introspection. If you enjoy the end you may also like Blankets by  Craig Thompson. 

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