Friday, October 04, 2013

On the Same Page - Documentaries

Sustainability can be defined broadly as the capacity to endure and in ecology as how biological systems remain diverse and productive over time. How can the dinner we put on the table keep our families healthy and support the global and local environment now and in the future? This collection of documentaries can guide you into making better choices that protect and nourish the planet, your community, and your body.


Beginning with a Mother's search for local raw milk, this compelling documentary takes the viewer on trips to several states to investigate politics, government agencies and small agriculture. Told in interviews by small farmers, this expose is a focus on the government waging war on these small farmers, and who benefits when they have to close down their farms. All the farmers interviewed are responsible, highly educated and dedicated, and the argument can be made that Americans should be able to buy whatever food choices they desire.

In Organic we Trust

A higher percentage of Americans eat more organic food than ten years ago, but can they define what organic really means? Is organic food healthier? Director Kip Pastor starts us on an odyssey into organic food by first asking random people on the street if they eat organic and what does the word mean. From local farmers dedicated to the land and their labor, to larger companies that have also jumped onto the bandwagon, Kip also takes us behind the scenes where a local chef cooks real meals for local schools for under $3.00 a meal. Change starts from the soil up!

King Corn

Best buds Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis shockingly discover through hair analysis that their bodies and hair are primarily made out of corn. With lots of humor, these two friends move to Iowa, convince a farmer to let them grow corn on an acre of land, purchase genetically modified corn to trace where it goes. Thought-provoking documentary that traces the history of corn in modern America, and how that impacts the average American.

Food, Inc.

You'll want to watch this on an empty stomach as it is definitely not for the squeamish. Looking for an expose on where your beef comes from? How fast can a chicken grow in the food chain supply? Look no further than this scary insight into why profit matters more to the four large corporations that handle our food, and the impact it has on our health. This is the equivalent of "An Inconvenient Truth" with a troubling look into our food systems...and what we can do about it.

Forks Over Knives

A focus on nutrition and how food choices matter in our health and well-being. Dropping all the "bad stuff", we follow Lee Fulkerson for six months on a plant-based diet. He also stops his meds for blood pressure and cholesterol. The results are in: he drops his weight, has more energy and sleeps better. While advocating a low-fat whole-food, plant-based diet to combat a slew of diseases, this documentary also follows three others: one diagnosed with cancer, one with high cholesterol, and one given a year to live. Advocates for dropping a Western diet, and film watchers will want to check out the book, The China Study.

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