Monday, September 09, 2013

What Alice Forgot

Surely Alice was just having another one of those “Alice” moments her sister Elizabeth and darling husband Nick always refer to. Alice is twenty-nine, a bit plump, happy, in love, and pregnant with her first child, whom she and Nick lovingly refer to as “The Sultana”. Alice just fell and bonked her head. Oh, how she and Nick will have a laugh about her clumsiness later tonight!
What Alice forgot is what year it is. (It must be 1998, right?). What Alice forgot is what she could possibly be doing in something called a Spin class?!? What Alice forgot are her three children, giant SUV and wealthy suburban stay-at-home mum life; her sister’s ten year struggle with infertility and miscarriage, and the nasty separation and custody battle she and her dear husband Nick are in the midst of.  She forgot who Gina is and why everyone speaks in hushed voices about her and tells her how sorry they are about what happened. What Alice forgot is everything that happened in the last ten years.
Can the twenty-nine year old vivacious, naive, silly, madly in love Alice survive in the world of the thirty- nine year old super fit, super organized, super mum Alice? Can old Alice remind new Alice what it means to be in love and full of hope?  When things go so terribly wrong, is a bump on the head the only way to right them?
Liane Moriarty does a beautiful job of telling this story of love, youth, and memory lost. Readers will enjoy Alice’s sincere goofiness and the way old Alice blindly meanders through the life that new Alice inhabits. While you’re waiting to read What Alice Forgot, check out Attachments by Rainbow Rowell (of Eleanor and Park fame) or The First Husband by Laura Dave. These titles are all available from VBPL and will leave you wondering where it all went wrong. Or did it?

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