Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Black Lagoon, Volume 1 by Rei Hiroe

Rokuro Okajima is your typical Japanese businessman until the day he is taken hostage by a group of mercenaries for some data he was transporting for work.  Left to die by his company, Rock decides he would rather join with the mercenaries than return to his former life.  There really is no training for being a mercenary so Rock tries his best to fit in with the crew of the Black Lagoon.  Now a typical day involves dealing with the Russian Mafia, kidnapping, and a very intriguing maid who is packing more than luggage. 

Black Lagoon is one wild action packed ride!  From the first panel, Hiroe takes the reader on quite the adventure that doesn’t stop.  The artwork shows the exotic locales and action in crisp detail with huge exaggerated sounds.  It makes the story come to life.  This title is definitely for adults as there is action, violence, and adult language.   This title is not for everyone, but if you really enjoy action-packed movies this is the title for you.

You can find BlackLagoon, Volume1 by Rei Hiroe on the VBPL Catalog.  If you enjoyed Black Lagoon, Volume 1, you may want to try Berserk by Kentarou Miura or Rurouni Kenshin by Nobuhiro Watsuki.

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