Friday, July 05, 2013

Wilfred by Ryan Higgins

Wilfred, by Ryan Higgins, is a delightful story about an unexpected yet heart-warming relationship between a hairy giant and a bald boy.  When Wilfred, a lonely furry giant, comes across a town of little bald people, he's excited about the possibility of friendship.  Everyone is terrified of him except one boy.  A friendship quickly forms between the two and Wilfred is overjoyed that he finally has a friend.  But some selfish townsfolk decide to take advantage of Wilfred's good nature.  Will Wilfred's friend be able to set things right?  Will the townsfolk realize the error of their ways?  Will Wilfred ever find true happiness? 

This book is a perfect pick for preschool aged children.  The story is a lighthearted look at the meaning of true friendship.  The artwork is bold and colorful and full of lively facial expresssions.  The quirky nature of the story keeps the tone light and comical as Wilfred does whatever he can to make friends. 

If you're looking for other children's stories about suprising friendships, try Owen and Mzee by Isabella Hatkoff, or the Rat and Roach series by David Covell.

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