Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Vacation by Matthew Costello

Imagine a world in which fresh food is so rare that entire segments of the population have turned into vicious cannibals, known as Can Heads, who aggressively hunt their fellow humans. NYPD officer Jack Murphy lives with his wife and two children in a protected area of Brooklyn, surrounded by huge electric fences and under constant surveillance by guards and security cameras. After surviving a particularly brutal Can Head attack while on the job, Jack’s supervisor orders him to take his family on a much needed vacation while he recuperates.

Jack’s wife Christie is mesmerized by the glossy brochure for Paterville Family Camp in the Adirondacks. It advertises rustic cabins, a lake for swimming and boating, hiking trails and delicious home cooked meals fresh from the resort’s private farm. But most importantly, Paterville guarantees state of the art security against Can Heads. This could be the Murphy family’s chance to have a real vacation, the kind that families used to experience before the world began to deteriorate.

Costello writes in a stark, realistic style that grabbed me from the first page. His portrayal of life in a violent and unpredictable future is incredibly chilling. If you enjoy reading about Jack’s Vacation and how it went terribly wrong, try Red Rain by R.L. Stine or Swimming at Night by Lucy Clarke.

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