Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil directed by Eli Craig

Normally I don’t like humor mixed with my horror, but I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed this hilarious spoof! Tucker and Dale are bumbling, naïve, good-natured rednecks. They are also best friends who have proudly fulfilled a lifelong dream by buying a spooky rundown lakefront cabin in the woods of West Virginia to use for their fishing trips. On their first visit to the cabin, their privacy is invaded by an obnoxious group of college-aged campers who are terrified of Tucker and Dale, and convinced that they are serial killers. Each encounter between the two fishermen and the campers causes things to degenerate further, and an accidental bloodbath ensues.

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil turns the tables on the slasher films of the seventies, with role reversals and rollicking twists and turns that will have you hiding your eyes and snickering all at the same time. I was especially impressed with Tyler Labine’s performance as the lovable Dale, who develops a crush on one of the campers, injecting a little unexpected (and sweet) romance into the plot! After seeing this film, I bet you will end up wanting to revisit the original campers’ nightmare, Friday the 13th. Or, if you’re still in the mood for satire, Scream is another old favorite.

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