Monday, June 10, 2013

The River Wild directed by Curtis Hanson

It’s summertime! What could be more relaxing than a whitewater rafting trip down a cool, scenic Idaho river? Actually, almost anything, as you will see by watching this suspenseful 1994 film starring Meryl Streep. Tough, beautiful Gail, played by Streep, her husband, Tom, and their son, Roarke are determined to enjoy something together as a family. Gail, an expert rafter, wants Roarke to experience the rush of navigating river rapids. She also hopes to reconnect with Tom out in the wilderness where there are no distractions. The plan goes smoothly until the three meet a couple of friendly drifters, Terry and Wade, who latch on to Gail and her family as both parties travel down the river. Oh, well, the more the merrier…right?

This electrifying thriller was filmed on actual whitewater rapids in several scenic areas of the country, with Meryl Streep performing most of her own stunts. Kevin Bacon fans will thoroughly enjoy Bacon’s portrayal of steely cold Wade. Fasten your life preserver and get ready for a terrifying ride on The River Wild! If this movie whets your appetite for more danger on the water, check out the excellent 1962 version of Cape Fear starring Gregory Peck and Robert Mitchum, or Jon Voight and Burt Reynolds in the spellbinding classic, Deliverance.

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