Saturday, June 01, 2013

Nadia G’s Bitchin’ Kitchen Cookin’ for Trouble

The state of cookbooks is sometimes so worrisome. There are so many published that bookshelves overflow, and more are being published every week. How does a cookbook writer stand out from the crowd? Well, if you're Nadia Giosia, you start by serving heaping helpings of hilarity on the web, then transfer your fanbase your own show called The Bitchin' Kitchen on The Cooking Channel. Then you release your cookbooks

Nadia G's latest creation, Nadia G's Bitchin' Kitchen Cookin' for Trouble is full of her trademark personality and attitude. From gracing the cover in a pasta dress to chopping tomatoes, each picture of Giosia showcases her rocker barbie beauty and makes one think they opened an edgy photography essay book. The food photography is beautiful with rich colors that make mouths water.

Speaking of mouthwatering, Giosia makes sure to hit all the high points with her recipes, from fancy date meals to vegetarian entrees to recipes designed to help with weight loss.The multitude of chapters such as "(Dysfunctional) Family Pizza Night" and "Happiness = Bacon" ensure that there are recipes to cover any occasion. Giosia even includes a chapter of community-sourced recipes from her fans! However, read each recipe carefully. The recipe may look easy, but cooking times are not necessarily highlighted. Also, leave time to finely tune the list of ingredients and prep them.

Even if one cooks nothing from this cookbook, it is still a fun read, cover to cover. Giosia is joined by her crew of assistants who showcase the ingredients. She also adds a dictionary to explain her slang, only some of which is self-evident.

Interested in more? Check out Bitchin' Kitchen's website for more recipes and videos. If you're looking for more comedy/cooking mashups, pickings are slim. But try Guy Fieri, who did Giosia's foreword, with Guy Fieri Food: More than 150 off-the-hook recipes or place a hold Guy's newest book DINERS, DRIVE-INS, AND DIVES, THE FUNKY FINDS IN FLAVORTOWN : America's classic joints and killer comfort food, for a similar feel. And happy eating!

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