Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

Madagascar 3 may be the best of the animated films about the escaped New York Central Park Zoo animals.

 In this hilarious and heartwarming romp through Europe the animals, led by Alex the lion, try to get back home to the zoo. First they have travel to the Monte Carlo Casino to rejoin the penguins that went there to get rich. When the two groups of animals meet, chaos erupts, causing all the animals to flee the Casino, pursued by Monacan Animal Control officers.

Animal Control leader Captain Chantel DuBois is one of the most over-the-top wonderful villains since Cruella De Vil. She is dogged in her search for our heroes; indeed, she drops to her knees and, bloodhound –like, sniffs for a trail. Once she finds it, she is relentless in her pursuit, racing down streets or leaping between rooftops on her motorcycle. The chase scenes are wild, impossible and wonderful. Each time Captain DuBois nearly catches them, Alex and his friends manage to escape. When they take refuge in a circus train the heart of the story (and amazing special effects) begins.

 The circus animals want to get to America, too. But there are major problems: the zoo animals have no circus acts and the circus animals are unhappy since their leader, Siberian Tiger Vitaly, has lost heart and courage. And Captain DuBois is still on their trail.

 With the ingenuity of the zoo animals and the perseverance of the circus animals, the group unites to create some impressive acts. Alex and the beautiful jaguar Gia become trapeze artists. Gloria the hippo teaches Melman the giraffe to dance. Marty the zebra joins the show horses and gets to express his flair for costume.

 Do the animals get to America? Does Captain DuBois catch them so she can add Alex’s head to her trophy wall? What happens to the circus?

 With lots of lines and references adults will catch, as well as the enjoyable story and hijinks of the penguins, Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted is an excellent movie for the entire family. You’ll also enjoy DreamWorks Holiday Classics featuring five brief stories with characters from Madagascar, Shrek, and How to Tame Your Dragon.

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