Monday, June 24, 2013

Chicken Salad: Fifty Favorite Recipes by Barbara Lauterbach

Having lost my favorite chicken curry salad recipe with Major Greys’ chutney, this book was a find for me.  As a chicken salad aficionado, a cookbook devoted to one of my favorite food groups outside the known food groups, is a delight especially when the author includes luscious photographs.  Lauterbach aims to give the reader dishes that look terrific, taste better than they look and yet- are not too time-consuming. With recipes gleaned from family, friends,  and students as well as new and innovative gems, Lauterbach knows her stuff. Having attended cooking schools in Europe, she is currently a spokesperson for King Arthur Flour Company…my favorite flour! I knew I liked her!

This beautiful cookbook is chicken salad period - warm or cold- with one chapter devoted to “birds of another feather.”  Beginning with the basics, her nuggets of chicken information is concise and helpful.  I don’t know if I’ll make my own mayonnaise, but a recipe is included.  Other chapters in the book are: chicken salads with mainly chicken, chicken salads with vegetables, chicken salads with fruit, etc. A nice touch is the history or reference she gives before each recipe as to how it evolved-places, people, or its era in chicken salad history.

Recipes screaming “try me! try me!” are:  the classic 50’s chicken casserole with crushed potato chips and slivered almonds-I’m trying that this week!  The citrus poppy seed so beautifully photographed on page 71, as well as the secret Maurice salad that Barbara has tried to replicate.

A wonderful cookbook designed to add new taste sensations to a classic womens' favorite luncheon dish. 

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