Monday, May 06, 2013

Perfectly Percy by Paul Schmidt

Percy loves balloons! And really, who doesn’t? But, loving balloons can be a bit disappointing when you are a porcupine.


Percy doesn’t let it get him down though.

Perfectly Percy by Paul Schmidt is executed in Schmidt’s endearing pastel illustrations that once again feature those huggable porcupines. The book follows Percy as he tries to think of a way to play with balloons without getting those pesky quills in the way.

I can relate to Percy because his planning process often drifts…to things like ice cream (a personal problem I too face).

Perfectly Percy is a fun picture book that seamlessly incorporates cause and effect and problem solving skills. In addition, this is a wonderful book for practicing narrative skills as it lends itself to  easy retelling for pre-readers. My toddler and I read this book nightly for a week just to make sure it passed muster for VBPL Recommends - and we can both report that Perfectly Percy passes the re-read test with flying colors! And not to worry…Percy comes up with a creative solution to that pesky balloon popping problem.

If you enjoy Perfectly Percy be sure to check out his sister’s book Hugs from Pearl at VBPL today.

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