Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bro-Jitsu: the Martial Art of Sibling Smackdown by Daniel H. Wilson

Full title: Bro-Jitsu: The Martial Art of Sibling Smackdown. 126 Techniques to Gain Family Domination.

Sibling rivalry elavated to an art form! This little tongue- in-cheek handbook gives you one of the more interesting (certainly creative) forms of “martial arts.”

Here is a bit of humor for those with siblings (either brothers or sisters), for the only child who may be glad now not to have siblings, for reminiscing over childhood antics, and for learning about techniques you may not have experienced (and should really be relieved you were spared).

This manual makes for a fun package and a quick read. There is a semi-serious martial arts theme to the whole book that actually works, taking it beyond a gimmicky title and premise. The 126 techniques for proper sibling smackdowns come complete with appropriate labels, a description of what it is and how do it, variations, illustrations sometimes, alternative names, additional pointers, and index of moves, all carefully organized into categories.
Just a fraction of the techniques available

Wilson maintains a balance between comedy and information. The tone is humorous, matter-of-fact, and fiendishly gleeful at times, giving readers plenty of laughs. Sometimes gross, but surprisingly not hard to imagine some child pulling those pranks. In line with martial arts codes, the book is not about promoting violence, emphasizing that siblings should not cross a line in tormenting each other. It acknowledges that sibling rivalry exists, that children play rough, and that kind of play can be a bonding experience.

Look for Bro-Jitsu in the VBPL Catalog. For more similarly humored handbooks by Wilson, try How to Survive a Robot Uprising and How to Build a Robot Army. Wilson has also written science fiction, Robopocalypse and Amped.

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