Friday, April 12, 2013

Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 by David Petersen

The mouse stronghold of Lockhaven is at risk from unknown forces that seek to overthrow the Mouse Guard and gain control. Three of the Guard discover the betrayal when they find a map of Lockhaven that has been smuggled out of the city. As the mice continue on their scouting trip to the hamlet Barkstone, they are in for a great surprise as the extent of the treachery is more fully revealed.

Within this main plotline are great battle sequences against some of the Mouse Guards natural enemies: snakes in the woods and crabs by the shore. These are not your standard field mice however and they can fight back with sword and fighter technique.

All of this is captured on the page in full-color magnificence through the artwork of David Petersen. On many pages the images speak for themselves without the interruption of text which allows for an immersive visual experience.

Check out Mouse Guard: Fall 1152. Petersen continues the adventure in Mouse Guard: Winter 1152 and Legends of the Guard.

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