Thursday, March 14, 2013

Who Done It? edited by Jon Scieszka

Eighty of today's top children and teen authors/illustrators have been invited to a party at an abandoned pickle factory hosted by their odious pickle-loving editor Herman Mildew.  Once they have all arrived, Jon Sciezska informs the group that they are all suspects in Mr. Mildew's murder and must write an alibi proving their innocence. Everyone has a motive, after all, they each suffered some form of torment from their recently deceased editor.  Poor Mo Willems was told exactly what he could do with his beloved pigeon. It is up to Jon Sciezska to conduct the investigation and determine who murdered the atrocious Mr. Mildew.

What follows is an array of short witty creations, each about two pages in length, written in a variety of different formats. Some alibis are written in the form of screen plays while others have chosen to illustrate their alibi in graphic novel format. My personal favorite was Dave Eggers' contribution which was written in verse. All are laugh out loud ridiculous and together they provide readers with a fun overview of many fantastic authors.

Who Done It? is the perfect read for fans of humorous anecdotal mysteries or if, like me, you become positively giddy over the thought of so many of your favorite authors combining their literary talents to produce a book for charity.  All proceeds from the novel go towards 826NYC, a non-profit organization started by Dave Eggers which helps students develop their writing skills.  

Looking for other teen anthologies?  Try Under My Hat edited by Jonathan Strahan or Foretold: 14 Tales of Prophecy and Prediction edited by Carrie Ryan, which was previously reviewed on this blog.  

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