Monday, March 11, 2013

The Start of Everything by Emily Winslow

The discovery of a young woman's body in a flooded fen has detective chief inspector Morris Keene and his partner Chloe Frohmann scrambling to identify the victim, a task that proves harder than expected. Each time they unravel a small piece of the puzzle, they end up with more questions than answers. It soon becomes evident that in order to discover the motive behind the murder, the detectives must follow a long chain of deceit and lies involving many different individuals over a long period of time. The clues lead the detectives to Deeping House, a converted manor house that holds an odd assortment of characters. Everyone is hiding something and it is up to the detectives to decipher how these secrets tie into the murder. As the detectives work tirelessly towards uncovering the identity of the murderer, they come face to face with demons from their past, adding another layer to the already complex story.

The fun in this novel lies in following the trail of clues carefully laid out by the different narrators, right alongside the detectives. The complexity of the characters combined with the author's ability to switch seamlessly between narrators while telling the story allows the reader to really get inside the minds of the characters. Halfway through the story readers will start to feel as though they have the mystery all figured out. Yet as they continue on they will discover that as one part of the mystery comes together, another part of the puzzle unravels, throwing everything back into question.   Winslow keeps you guessing until the very last page however mystery fans will appreciate her ability to tie the pieces together for a satisfying ending.

If you like The Start of Everything, then be sure to check out Winslow's earlier novel The Whole World. Reader's looking for complex thrillers similar in nature should check out Broken Harbor by Tana French and When Will There Be Good News? by Kate Atkinson.

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