Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Long Price Quartet by Daniel Abraham

a-shadow-in-summer The Long Price Quartet, by Daniel Abraham, is a contemplative fantasy series full of emotional turmoil and suspense, political intrigue and world-altering decisions.  The books largely follow the lives of two people destined for great and and terrible things, whose lives become intertwined at a young age.

A_Betrayal_in_WinterIn each city state of the Khaiem lives a poet.  Each poet controls an andat, a concept forced into phsyical form, that has total mastery of a particular concept.  For instance, the andat "Water-Falling-Down" can bring rain or drought, or could cause the sea level to rise and swallow up the land.  These andat, chained to their respective poets, have a vast amount of power that could literally bring nations to their knees.

And where there is power, there is danger.  Otah, the prodigal son of a ruling family, and Maati, a poet, find themselves entangled in webs of lies and political intrigue.  How do you keep a world with such powerful forces from destroying itself? 

An Autumn War The Long Price Quartet is a truly enjoyable read.  Daniel Abraham contemplates profound emotional dilemmas in his series.  While exploring larger issues of power, control, and the cost of peace, Abraham simultaneously delves into the smaller but equally profound themes of friendship, love, and hate as the relationship between characters unfold.  The prose is almost poetic as the author weaves a world full of bright lights and dark shadows.  If you enjoy thought-provoking stories that border on philosophical, then this four-book set is perfect for you.

If you enjoy this writing style, be sure to check out Daniel Abraham's other fantasy series, The Dagger and the Coin, as well as his co-written sci-fi series, The Expanse.  For another provocative sci-fi/fantasy title, pick up the classic, Frank Herbert's Dune Chronicles

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