Thursday, February 14, 2013

Saga Vol 1 by Brian K. Vaughan
Saga is easily one of the most vibrant, creative, an epic graphic novels recently released.  Brian K. Vaughan takes the reader to a war-torn galaxy, where two feuding factions have battled one another in a never-ending war that spans the stars.  In the middle of this galactic struggle are two lovers, one from each opposing side of the war, and their newborn baby.  Hunted by both sides, the young family struggles to flee a war that has no end or boundaries. Will they find away to escape the violence?  Does their child have any hope of growing up safe?  Find out in this utterly mesmerizing tale, Saga. of the things that makes Saga so enjoyable is the blend of science fiction and fantasy.  One faction in the galactic war wields spells and magical weapons, the other shoots ray guns and utilizes advanced technology.  The rich and dynamic blend of mysticism and technology makes for an exciting aesthetic and a visually wild artistic style.  And the plot matches the adventurous feeling of the artwork.  Brian K. Vaughan proves again that he is a master of story-craft.  The grand scale of the struggles, the unique and exciting characters he introduces, and the witty dialogue all blend together to make the perfect recipe for an intense and emotional story that's sure to draw you in.

What really sells a comic for me is the resonance between the words and the art, the story and the images, and how those two elements work together to breathe life into a tale.  The world of Saga comes to life in a way that few comics do.

As a caveat, there are some explicit scenes and adult themes in this book.  But if you enjoy this epic saga (ha), be sure to check out Brian K. Vaughan's other popular series, Y, the Last Man.  For another graphic novel series filled with epic and emotional battles and larger than life plots, try out Robert Kirkman's Invincible series.

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