Friday, February 01, 2013

My Extraordinary Ordinary Life

My Extraordinary Ordinary Life
By Sissy Spacek

From her humble Texas roots to the farm she moved to in Charlottesville, Virginia, place has always factored in respected actress, Sissy Spacek’s , life. The roots, history and place she wanted to convey to her daughters prompted Sissy to write her memoir before details would be lost. In her four decades as an actress it is her ordinary, daily  family life that she treasures the most. Her title— 

Forever  etched in our minds as Carrie in the 1977 De Palma film, or to a newer generation-Missus Walters in The Help, a grateful Sissy emerges from this warm, sincere  memoir. Thankful for the people who have given her stories, memories and a blessed life. Written in an introspective spirit, her biography is not without some humor! “If I get hit by a truck tomorrow,” she writes, “I want to know I’ve returned my neighbor’s cake pan.”

I loved reading this biography. Maybe reading Greg Allman’s at the same time helped shape that decision, but it has a wholesome charm, humble and refreshing amidst other Hollywood memoirs. All those wild lives! And here, well, there is not an unkind word for anybody, although her life is not without some early tragedy. A plus is  the many family photos as well as pictures of her in acclaimed roles. But readers will get a sense of what it takes to be an actress, the art of filmmaking, and life outside of being an actress. An ordinary life which is extraordinarily just enough, or as Sissy says-

“I got the best compliment of my life from a carpenter and builder who was a mainstay of the community,” she says of one of her Blue Ridge Mountain neighbors. “‘Sissy Spacek?’ he told our friend Barclay. ‘Why she’s just as ordinary as an old bar of homemade soap.’

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