Thursday, February 07, 2013

Magic Mike directed by Steven Soderbergh

It’s one week till Valentine’s Day. If you don’t have plans for a romantic dinner or a hot date out on the town that night, here are my suggestions:

1. Buy yourself a big box of Valentine’s chocolates.
2. Go home.
3. Pop-into the DVD player last year’s highly anticipated box office hit, Magic Mike (Something fresh for anyone who is sick and tired of all of those sappy romance movies!)

Hollywood proved last year that there is a market for films where moviegoers want to see male strippers taking off their clothes for screaming women. From the jaw dropping, flashy trailers to the "Tell your boyfriend you're going to book club," ads, it was a guilty-pleasure movie that turned out droves of people and translated into big bucks for Warner Bros. Pictures.

The story centers on Channing Tatum who plays Mike, a construction worker by day and stripper by night at club Xquisite in Tampa, Florida. Mike dreams of making it big in the world, beyond the night club stage, as he has a passion for making furniture. He soon stumbles across Adam, a 19-year-old kid and before too long Adam is stripping and dancing like a pro. Adam’s sister is wary about this line of work for her little brother but warier of Mike and the folks he hangs around. Mike struggles along the way to make his dreams come true and in the end he finds something else.

The music and cast are great and it also stars Matthew McConaughey who plays Dallas, the fast-talking, aging stripper who is now the club owner that Mike works for. This is a great flick for anyone who has an open mind, is not looking to be overly critical about the storyline and wants to just have some fun.  And guess what...a sequel is in the works!

If this one is too much for you, check out Dirty Dancing from back in the 80's. No one puts Baby in a corner.  Enjoy!

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