Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Foretold: an anthology edited by Carrie Ryan

If you read teen fiction, you may recognize Carrie Ryan as the author of the popular paranormal series, The Forest of Hands and Teeth, but here, she has compiled and edited an anthology of short stories by her fellow YA authors around the theme of prophecy and destiny.  

These stories cover a wide range of genres -- from fantasy to science fiction to contemporary romance, but all play with this theme in some way (some more obliquely than others).  

Some of the highlights of the collection were "Gentlemen Sent Phantoms" by Laini Taylor -- a folk-tale style romantic story about a small town tradition, "Burned Bright" by Diana Peterfreund -- a post-apocolyptic story about the daughter of a cult-leader, "One True Love" by Malinda Lo -- a romantic tale with a twist, "Death for the Deathless" by Margaret Stohl -- an end of the world romance, and "The Killing Garden" by the editor of the collection Carrie Ryan, a rather violent tale with a hopeful ending.

(Note: this collection also contains a story by Richelle Mead from the Vampire Academy series -- I haven't read this series, but its fans will definitely want to read this one too.)

Short story anthologies like this can be a wonderful way to "try out" new authors, while enjoying old favorites, and after reading this one,  I will definitely be checking out the novels of several of the above-mentioned authors very soon.  Readers who enjoy this collection may also enjoy Corsets & Clockwork : 13 steampunk romances and Twice Told: Original Stories Inspired by Original Art (which includes a story by John Green!)

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