Monday, February 11, 2013

Captain America Joins the Mighty Avengers by Rich Thomas

Captain America Joins the Mighty Avengers  Captain America Joins the Might Avengers, by Rich Thomas, is a fun and child-friendly retelling of Marvel's most popular superhero team up.  Captain America, the Hulk, and other classic Marvel characters team up to defeat the dreaded Namor, the Submariner.  But do they have what it takes to defeat Namor's army?

This book is perfect for pre-K to early elementary school-aged children who love superheroes.  With the many Marvel movies that have been released, and interest in the Avengers growing among fans of all ages, it can be difficult for parents to find age-appropriate books that feature their favorite characters.  Captain America Joins the Mighty Avengers strikes a good balance between offering children a sense of adventure without indulging in gratuitous cartoon violence.  The illustrations are crisp and vibrant, the text is clear, and the plot has some twists and turns, which makes it appealing to the K-5 crowd.  Because of the mix of action and adventure, this book is also a good read for reluctant readers.

If you like this story, be sure to pick up Rich Thomas' other Marvel titles, also found in the children's area.  For elementary school-aged fans, Art Baltazar's Tiny Titans series is another great pick.   

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